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Liepāja is the capital of Latvia’s western ethnographical region – Kurzeme, and one of the major Latvian tourism destinations on the Baltic Sea coast!

The city prides itself for its rich history and important role during different epochs. Liepāja used to be the favorite of Russian emperors and Curonian dukes, yet it also had to endure almost all wars and changes that took place in the region. Here Latvian culture is heavily intertwined with German, Russian and other cultural heritages and one can see them in every example of the local architecture and art. The Byzantine splendor of the St Nicholas Orthodox Sea Cathedral in Karosta mixes with the Soviet military austerity, and the modesty of wooden houses in Jaunliepāja interacts with the atmosphere of magnificent German era churches in the Old City centre.

Another important cornerstone of Liepāja are its cultural traditions. Virtually every week Liepāja hosts and welcomes exhibitions, concerts or sporting events of various kinds. The distinct mark of Liepāja’s culture is its festivals that gather guests from all over the world. Those who admire classical music are more than welcome to the Piano Stars festival and “Liepāja Summer” that revolve around the famous  Liepāja Symphony orchestra . Those who consider themselves fans of modern tunes can enjoy one of the largest beach parties on the Baltic coasts – ‘Summer Sound’ – the time when the usual calm and tranquility of the beach are interrupted by tens of thousands of visitors. And those who enjoy speed and fast cars would be totally satisfied during the already traditional "Rally Kurzeme".When coming to Liepāja during summer you will find yourselves on the largest sandy coast in the Baltics covered by one of the finest white sands in the world. Liepāja has also become very popular for its night parties that are regularly organized at the cafes of various kinds on and around the beach.

Yet, if you plan to come over during autumn or winter months, you will most definitely get relaxed and have a lot of fun in one of the most modern and largest SPA complexes in Kurzeme – the Liepāja Olympic centre . Same goes for numerous restaurants and pubs in Liepāja, while local hotels and motels will provide you with plenty of staying choices and a pleasant and comfortable sleep during the night.