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    A Call for Liepāja residents to contribute to the 2023 calendar29th July, 2022Culture

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    With Liepāja having been awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2027, and to raise public awareness of Europe's key goals, our next year's city calendar will be focused on 12 European values.

    "One of the European values is public participation, therefore it is important not only to talk about the values, but also to apply them. Every year we create a special city calendar, working together with the best experts. This year, we would like to encourage the residents of Liepāja to join in and help shape the 2023 calendar together, so I encourage you to be active and take part. This is a great opportunity to help introduce the European values to the public through a personal prism," said Zita Lazdāne, Head of the Public Relations and Marketing Department of the Liepāja City Municipality Administration.

    Everyone is welcome to fill in a questionnaire in which they are kindly encouraged to choose and tell which European values are dearest to their hearts, how they are perceived and, briefly, how and why they are important to each individual.

    The 12 European values are Peace, Prosperity, Freedom, Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Scientific and Technological Progress, Society against Discrimination, Social Justice, Culture and Language, Children's Rights, Equality, Security.

    Once the questionnaires have been collected, the calendar team will evaluate the responses and select a number of Liepāja residents to participate in the creation of the calendar. More details to follow.

    Please, fill in the questionnaire here