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About the council

Liepaja city council consists of 15 elected representatives that are elected by the residents of the city once every four years according to the Law on Elections of the Republic City Council and Municipality Council. The council represents the interests of city residents.

Tasks of the council:

  • to make decisions,
  • to determine municipality structure,
  • to decide on performance of its functions and voluntary initiatives,
  • to decide on the order by which the municipality ensures performance of state functions delegated to the municipality and management tasks,
  • to prepare and implement the municipality budget.

The work of the city council is led by the chairman of the council, who is elected during the first meeting of the council from the number of representatives initially elected in the council.

The chairman has one deputie.

Independent committees ensure the functioning of the council and evaluate decision projects.

For performance of particular municipality functions, the council invites residents and elected representatives to participate in commissions or work-groups together with experts.

12 municipal institutions, 2 agencies and 18 capital companies ensure the performance of Liepaja municipality functions.

Liepaja city municipality administration ensures the implementation of the council decisions, provides organizational and technical servicing of the council, and also provides municipal services to residents and performs other tasks defined in the statutes.

  • Updated:
  • 30th June, 2021