Accessible daily life

Liepaja city takes care of people with disabilities and special needs, as well as older generation and young parents, which means that every new project includes solutions to improve access to environment.

The city of Liepaja purposefully applies the universal design principles, which ensure accessibility for everyone, during street renovations and in implementation of other projects. Universal design means that environment, infrastructure and services are accessible to all people disregarding the age, state of health, eye-sight and movement capabilities.

Sidewalks and traffic roads are interconnected without high curbs to ease access for people with movement disabilities and young parents with baby strollers. Guidelines are installed in paving for easier walking for people with impaired sight.

As a part of recreational infrastructure improvement, a beach accessibility complex next to the Central life-guard station was created for residents and guests of the city. The complex provides access to showers and changing rooms for people with disabilities and young parents during summer season (from 15th of May to 15th of September).

People with sight or movement disabilities can go swimming individually or with help of an assistant, while using audio-buoys and wheel-chairs for swimming developed by the entrepreneurs and scientists of Liepaja.