Accessible transportation

43 new, modern low floor buses were manufactured for Liepaja, and these buses are suitable for use both for people with sight or movement disabilities and young parents with strollers.

Low floor buses have all doors on the same level, no stepping over any steps is needed and there are no steps in pathways between doors, which makes entering the bus easier for mothers with strollers and people with special needs. Special equipment for wheel-chair entry is installed next to the middle doors of the buses.

To ensure that people with impaired eyesight are able to safely and independently use public transport, the buses are equipped with a loudspeaker, which names the bus route and number when bus stops. Bus stops are also equipped with loudspeakers that announce bus-stop names. The route of the particular bus can be followed on the screen in the bus.

Also, the buses are equipped with LED signs that are visible both during the day and at night.

Currently tram line reconstruction works to completely replace all tram tracks are in the process. After completion of works low-floor trams will be purchased to provide convenient transportation for everyone in the city by use of the most environmentally friendly mode of public transportation – tram.