Offers for groups of students in Liepaja and its surroundings12th September, 2019

    Liepāja and its surroundings are full of exciting adventures.

    Concert hall “The Great Amber”

    Internationally recognised architectural gem – concert hall “The Great Amber” offers tours and study trips for school-students: during an individually applied 1 h guided tour you will hear sounds of concert hall vibrations, take a look at the Great Hall shaped as a spaceship and vineyard, as well as other concert and art venues and behind-the-scenes process of art event preparation.

    Tour fees: Adults – 2,50 euros; scholars, students and seniors – 1,50 euros. Children under the age of 7 – no entrance fee.

    Contacts: +371 63 424

    Science and Education Innovation Centre ZIIC

    Discover science in very tangible and visual way!

    ZIIC offers interactive expositions for visitors to try out various technologies and test the laws of nature. Various masterclasses, lessons and performances are available by prior application.

    Contacts: +371 25 728

    Craftsmen quarters

    16 different applied-art artists, craftsmen and artisans from all around Kurzeme and all in one place offer an exciting insight in their crafts and arts, and are happy to welcome guests to show their skills and traditions.

    There is an opportunity to see the process of weaving a national costume, creating candles, designing metal ware, ceramics, amber and leather products. In the Craftsmen house you will also see the longest amber beads in Latvia. It is 123 m long and 9.5 kilo heavy item, with circa 17,000 amber pieces, presented by local residents of the town to this purpose. There are also both, more than 100 years old and recently made national costumes.You have an opportunity to apply for various workshops.

    Contacts: +371 26 541


    Redan is a part of a larger and sophisticated military fortress, constructed at the end of the 19th century during the Tsarist time and one of the central battle places at the time of the Latvian War of Independence against the Bermondtians in 1919, defending Liepāja. 

    Today, there is an opportunity to learn more about the history of Liepāja’s fortress and the heroic defence of Liepāja in this place. Tours around the Redan are available upon prior request. An additional guided tour around the sites of Latvian War of Independence in Karosta is available as well.

    Contacts:  +371 26 369 470,

    LOC Swimming pool and SPA

    As a great alternative for the regular excursions and tours, Liepāja Olympic Centre offers an opportunity for classes to relax and have fun at Liepāja Olympic Centre Swimming pool and SPA. You can plan summer time at any time of the year, for the LOC Swimming pool and SPA have +32C all year round! Price depends on the group size – the bigger is a group, the cheaper is a price. Well, it’s more fun together!

    Contacts:  +371 28 689

    Take a look behind the theatre stage

    Liepāja Theatre offers you to look behind the public theatre space and discover yet unknown secrets of the other side of the curtain. To discover the secrets and labyrinths of the theatre, please make sure you apply for the tour via phone: +371634 22121 or +37129455112. For groups 10+ there is free entry for a teacher and 3 euros per person.

    Contacts: +371 63 422 121, +371 29 455

    Liepāja Museum

    Liepāja Museum offers introduction to Liepāja’s and Southern Kurzeme Region history from ancient times to 20th century, get a feel of peasant life or city buzz, enjoy the artworks and exhibitions. You are welcome to learn in a guided tour, attend various educational classes related to the museum and created for every school age. Liepāja Museum offers an interactive exposition “Six months of the Provisional Government of Latvia in Liepāja”, revealing the complex political situation in the country at a time.  See you in the Liepāja Museum!

    Contacts: +371 29 605 223,


    Karosta is part of Liepāja, but at a same time it is a world of its own. It is marvellous, paradoxical and unique place not only in the history pages of Latvia, but also in the world atlas. Karosta is one of the most unusual places in Latvia. To learn more about Karosta, we offer you educational tours, excursions, where participants can meet up, close and personal with historical characters, try out overnight stay in a prison cell and have a meal at a soviet style cantina. We also offer history walks and thrilling games in the Northern Forts and Redan.

    Contacts: +371 26 369 470,