Sea Festival in Liepaja2nd July, 2018

    Sea Festival or Fishermen’s festival in Liepaja is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of July. The Festival of Sea celebrates the significance of sea, sailors and fishermen in daily life of Liepaja city.

    This year the Sea Festival in Liepaja will take place on 14th of July from 11:00 to 19:00 o’clock. The festival will have a varied and extensive programme which will include several stages and activities at the “Great Amber” concert-hall, Liepaja promenade, Julianna’s court and Customs house.

    11:00 o’clock

    Traditional festival opening with a moment of silence for sailors and fishermen lost at sea.

    12:00 o’clock

    Captain Banga will arrive to the Sea Festival on a ship “Austra”.

    All day until 19:00 o’clock

    • Themed areas of Sea Festival will include various activities for families with children and every festival visitor,
    • special play area for children will include various activities and will be located behind the Customs house,
    • first showing of a play series by Maris Rungulis “Three round hours”, “After eels” and “Green cod”,
    • musical performances on the main festival stage by “Bet Bet”, Association of National theatre actors “Greizais Ratiņš”, participants of X-factor Adriana Miglane, Liga Ridere, Alise Haijima, Nadezda Mankevica, Aivo Oskis and Edgars Kreilis; musical programme will be concluded by “Triānas Parks” band,
    • untraditional sports games,
    • open-air dance and fitness classes,
    • Couronian Viking boat races will take place on Liepaja promenade, near the Liepaja yacht port,
    • parallel to Couronian Viking boat races the wooden boat workshop will take place allowing everyone to participate in construction of a boat.
    • joke stage in Julianna’s court will host the best improvisers from Latvia and street theatre performers from Poland, Chile, Bulgaria and Israel,
    • Liepaja airport prize draft,
    • artisans and crafters market,
    • final exhibition of the International Artists and painters plein air “Liepaja marina” and “Small marina” will take place on Veca Ostmala 53,
    • Opportunity to board and explore navy warships: headquarters supply ship “Virsaitis” A53 and mine ship “Visvaldis” M07.