The walk “Illuminated Liepāja”7th September, 2020

    The “Illuminated Liepāja” walk, that had to be cancelled due to the pandemic in March, has now been postponed to the end of October and will take place between 21st and 24th October to welcome local residents and city guests, as well as to encourage people to visit local hospitality places outside the active tourism season.

    The event will bring to light more than 20 objects, installations and performances. During the four days, local residents and city guests will be able to enjoy special evening lights of nocturnal Liepāja and walk the route of lights, particularly created for the event.

    During the walk, you will get fascinated by the illuminated façade of the Liepāja ev.luth. Holy Trinity Cathedral, the laser show “Let the light rise from the darkness” on the wall of Liepāja University’s Nature and Engineering Sciences faculty building, and enjoy the particularly powerful light beams projected to the concert hall “Great Amber”. There will also be the kinetic object in the square next to the junction of Graudu Street and Kūrmājas prospekts and you will be able to enjoy the history of Liepāja in the video projection “One Story, One Town” on the Liepāja State 1st Gymnasium building wall as well. Moreover, light and sound performance “A House in Liepāja” on the Liepāja Customs Building, interactive installation “Liepāja is dancing” on the promenade, and many more illuminated and lightened objects, installations and performances will be on display around the city.

    Light objects and illuminations will be created and installed by known and recognized light and video artists from Liepāja and all Latvia with the involvement of experienced technical equipment companies.

    The installations along the “Illuminated Liepāja” walk will be seen every evening from 19.00 until 23.00.

    More information will follow.

    The event is organised by the Department of Culture of Liepāja City Municipality in cooperation with the company “UNTITLED originals”, which has participated in the festival “Staro Rīga” and has also organized several multimedia luminous visual projects in various cities of Latvia.