Traffic restrictions during the Tram bridge reconstruction1st June, 2018

    Significant traffic restrictions are introduced for implementation of the Liela Street and the Tram bridge reconstruction project in Liepaja. We invite you to carefully read about these restrictions to plan your route accordingly.

    To find the best solution and to cause as little inconvenience to the residents as possible during reconstruction, the traffic on the Tram bridge and Liela street is not closed-off completely, however the residents should take into account significant traffic restrictions and changes to public transportation schedules. 

    On the Tram bridge only a single lane in direction from Jaunliepaja to city centre will be open for traffic. However, it will be possible to drive from the city centre to Jaunliepaja via the New bridge (Jaunais tilts) only, where the traffic will be allowed to move in two directions. During the reconstruction, Liela street will be open for traffic only in one direction – to the Tram bridge (to Juras street). Options to turn on the Tram bridge or Liela Street are provided in the schemes below:

    Scheme No. 1 – public transport route scheme
    Scheme No. 2 – light vehicle transport route scheme
    Scheme No. 3 – light vehicle transport route scheme.

    We ask the residents to be understanding about the traffic restrictions. Traffic jams are unavoidable since the Tram bridge is the main “traffic artery” of the city. Residents are kindly asked to plan their routes ahead – consider leaving their car at home and use the public transportation, or to redirect the daily route to the New bridge and account for extra time in traffic.

    For reference

    The Tram bridge and Liela Street reconstruction is the final stage of the tram track reconstruction to provide the infrastructure required for the low-floored tram cars, which was started in the previous planning period.