Tram bridge is open for traffic16th November, 2018

    Nearing the completion of the Tram bridge and Liela Street reconstruction works, the Tram bridge and Liela Street will be open for traffic in both directions on 16th of November.

    However, minor restrictions are in force until the 19th of November. It is yet forbidden to drive directly on to the Tram bridge, while driving on the Liela Street in the direction of the Trade channel, however it is allowed to turn right on to the Karlis Zale square.   It is allowed to make a right turn on to the bridge from Karlis Zale square. From Liela Street it is possible to turn on crossing streets: Teatra Street, Baznicas Street, Radio Street, and it is also allowed to turn from Teatra and Radio Street to the Liela Street. Until 19th of November it is not allowed to turn right from Brivibas Street on the Tram bridge.

    The public transport will continue on Liela Street in both directions, however in the direction of the bus station public transport will go on the New bridge instead. 

    We invite the traffic participants to be careful and to take into account that minor construction works are still ongoing.

    After the national holiday, from 19th of November, the traffic will be organized as before the bridge reconstruction.