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Change of name, surname or nationality

A person that wishes to change his/her name, surname or nationality, must submit the following to Civil registry:

  • Passport format photo (4.5×3.5 cm),
  • A person under legal age must submit a permit from both parents or Orphan’s court permit,
  • Present a valid personal identification document.

During submission of the required document, an application must be filled in the Civil registry department to explain the reasons for change of information.

The decision on change of a name, surname or nationality entry or decision to deny the request is made in time of one month from the day of application reception.

The service must be paid in cash prior to provision. The total service cost is 100.00 EUR, which includes state fee in the amount of 71.14 EUR and municipal service provision fee in the amount of 28.86 EUR.

After the approval of requested changes to the entry, the person must address the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to exchange the personal identification documents (passport, ID card).

Change of person’s name, surname and nationality is governed by “Name, surname and nationality entry change Law”.


Daiga Feldmane
E-mail: daiga.feldmane@liepaja.lv
Civil registry, Liela Str. 1a