City symbols

Official symbols

Liepaja has three official symbols: coat of arms, flag and anthem.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms of Liepaja city illustrates the red Kurzeme lion with a split tail that supports linden tree with front paws on a silvery background, and it was approved four days after acquisition of city-rights on 22nd of March 1625.

File for download: Coat of arms of Liepaja city


For the first time the flag was officially announced in 1938. Liepaja city flag has a rectangular shape with two horizontal lines of equal width – top line is red; the bottom line is green. Coat of arms of Liepaja city is depicted in the middle of the flag.

File for download: Flag of Liepaja


Anthem “Pilsēta, kurā piedzimst vējš” (City where wind is born) was approved in the year 1999 and was first played in 2000.

The song “Pilsēta, kurā piedzimst vējš” was written by Imants Kalnins and dedicated to the city of Liepaja and its residents in the year 1973. Maris Caklais was the author of text. Song was first performed by Austra Pumpure and immediately became an unofficial anthem of Liepaja.

Graphic standard of Liepaja city

Municipal institutions of Liepaja city have a common visual identity — a graphic standard that was developed with an aim to create a feeling of clear and transparent city management and common Liepaja character both for residents and guests of Liepaja.

Document Common visual identity of Liepaja city municipality. Graphic standard defines the visual identity of Liepaja, including the use of coat of arms and logo, allowed fonts, as well as creation of various information materials.

Files for download: Liepaja logo

Use of city flag and coat of arms

  1. For commercial purposes – manufacturing of souvenirs, brands, pendants, calendars and other products.
    • Legal and private entities may use Liepaja city flag and picture of coat of arms or their elements only with a permit issued by the municipality. Application to receive the permit must be submitted to the head designer of the city.
    • A fee must be paid for use of city symbols in accordance with the chapter V of applicable provisions “On Liepaja city symbols”.
  2. For information purposes – advertising, bill-boards and other informative materials or on items and objects.
    • Picture of Liepaja city flag and coat of arms can only be used after the approval by the head designer of the Liepaja city. To receive the approval a visualisation must be submitted to the head designer of the city.
  3. Notification about financial or informative support provided by the municipality – advertising layouts, advertisements, posters and other materials.

The city symbols can be used by municipal institutions, capital companies and cooperation partners after informing the Liepaja municipality Public relations and marketing department by sending the visualisation to an e-mail to, and receiving an approval.

Use of Liepaja symbols is defined by: Liepaja municipality provisions No. 31. “On Liepaja city symbols”.

  • Updated:
  • 10th September, 2020