Bicycle lanes

Currently in Liepaja more than 55 km of bicycle lanes are available. Every street reconstruction project evaluates the possibility to construct a bicycle lane, thus constantly increasing the number of bicycle lanes.

Bicycle parking

City of Liepaja has uniquely designed bicycle parking spots that are located near the most popular public objects, for example, Peter’s market (Pētertirgus), city council, St. Nikolay’s cathedral, station square, Liepaja beach, Rose square (Rožu laukums) and many more.

Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to install bicycle parking spots near their businesses. Design drawings and approvals for design use, as well as recommendations for bicycle parking spots can be received from municipal company “Komunālā pārvalde”, Uliha Str. 44, Liepaja. Approval of precise bicycle parking spot can be received in Construction board, Rožu Street 6, from the head designer of Liepaja city.

Bicycle rent and repair

Information on bicycle rent options and bicycle repair shops in Liepaja is available on Liepaja tourism information bureau homepage

  • Updated:
  • 17th January, 2022