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    Discover and explore nature's diversity during the Sea Festival29th June, 2022Education

    Liepājas jūrā jaunieši velk tīklu
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    During the Sea Festival, everyone will have the opportunity to go on the Econaut expeditions to explore nature in the park.

    This will be a wonderful chance to learn about the diversity of species living alongside us and the symbiotic relationships that exist between them, to understand the math of lichens and the silent language of nature, which can tell us many interesting and useful things, such as the air quality in our neighborhood. The expeditions will be led by Lithuanian artist and architect Aiste Ambrazevičiūtė and Anna Priedola.

    To raise awareness about the coastal biodiversity of the Baltic Sea, marine education activities will take place on the Central Beach of Liepāja in cooperation with a team of scientists from the Latvian Institute of Hydroecology. Attendees will take part in an experimental seine fishing and study the catch in the net, discovering what an amazingly rich world of marine life we can see and experience just by getting waist deep in the water. Exploring the sea based on our own senses will also happen in some thematic workshops along the coast. Everybody will get to see the fascinating Baltic Sea underwater world both in aquariums and under a microscope. Diving suits and instruments used by researchers to collect underwater samples will be on display. Visitors to the workshops will find out what factors affect the quality of the marine environment and how scientists assess marine pollution.

    The Econaut Beach Lab will offer a no less exciting opportunity to learn something new. Participants will be able to try out different microphones and sensors to hear sunlight, shadows, underwater sounds and other natural processes that are not otherwise perceived by our senses. Experts will explain how our senses work and how we can use technology to better understand natural processes in open workshops. In addition, there will be performances where Econouts will try to pick up environmental signals using experimental technologies such as the photophone to tune in to the voice of nature and interact in a shared creativity. Theun Karelse from the Netherlands, together with Paula Vītola and Krista Dintere, will assist you in listening to nature's processes and needs in these workshops.

    For more information: www.liepaja.lv/jurassvetki2022