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Educational opportunity

Liepaja is the centre of Kurzeme region and provides all-level education, from nursery to university education.

General education consists of three levels – pre-school education, primary education and general secondary education. The aim of this education system is to create conditions for formation of creative, responsible, generally educated personality that continues education in the desired profession.


Liepaja has twenty-four nurseries, including:

  • 22 municipality nurseries,
  • 2 private nurseries.

Registration for nursery

A child with place of residence declared in Liepaja can be registered for the nursery in following ways:

  • Online in Liepaja education system registrs.liepaja.edu.lv,
  • In person in Liepaja Municipal Education department, Peldu street 5, LV-3401, Liepāja.
    In case of registration in person, the parents must present a childbirth certificate and a parent’s personal identification document.

If the child is not accepted in a nursery until the age of 1.5 years, the municipality provides support for parents to place the child in a private nursery.

General education schools

Liepaja has fifteen municipal general education schools and two private schools, which provide access to education in largest neighbourhoods of the city.

Several schools in addition to general education programme offer extensive studies in one of the additional fields, for example, maths, state defence, natural sciences and technology, humanitarian and social studies, as well as long-distance education programmes. More information is available on school web-sites.

Registration for the 1st grade

Two options are available for registration for the 1st grade

  1. Online in Liepaja education registration system registrs.liepaja.edu.lv, Registration of future first-graders opens on every first Monday of February at 09.00 o’clock. Registration is open for 30 days. Afterwards the child can be registered in person but no later than the 1st of September.
  2. Registration in person in Liepaja Municipal Education department, Peldu street 5, 1st floor (according to previously defined timetable published on the homepage of the institution). The parents must present at registration the child’s birth certificate and parent’s personal identification document.
  • Updated:
  • 6th July, 2022