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    European Museum Night in Liepāja!12th May, 2022Culture

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    On Saturday, 14 May, a vibrant and packed Museum Night. Discover and save the event programme!

    On this night, you can enjoy free workshops, music and art, late-night dining, shopping, excursions and other special offers of the Museum Night.

    • The Museum of Liepāja, the organiser of the Night of Museums, is welcoming visitors both in the museum garden and indoors, with a programme that will appeal to adults and children alike.
    • The 17th -19th century Liepāja Museum of Interiors will be no less resonant, where visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a chamber music concert in the Hoyer rooms, early 20thcentury piano music in the Stenders family apartment or old dances in the courtyard of the building.
    • In the heart of Liepāja (14 Lielā Street and the Rose Square), folk dance groups will rock the square in front of the university building along with the POP/ROK school.
    • those who want to reach the Redan – northernmostpoint of Museum Night – by bicycle are invited to gather at the LiepU bike shedat 19.00 for the ride. Future tourism specialists will accompany the cyclists to Redan from Liepāja University.
    • The "Roman Garden" Gallery will host an exhibition of paintings and a concert of string instruments (Beata Zariņa-Blaščinska - violin, Dita Barona - cello). The "Roman Bakery" will also be open to the public.
    • moving further along Zivju Street, both young and adults will find activities and acquire new knowledge at the Liepāja City Central Research Library and the children's library "Vecliepājas rūķis". Children will be able to take part in creative workshops, and adults will have the opportunity to meet the reader, writer and story teller Ēriks Vilsons. Right next door, the Liepāja Peter Market will open its night market, where you will have the chance to enjoy drinks, food and an exhibition of antiques.
    • At the Concert Hall, everyone will be able to look inside its specially illuminated rooms at night and take part in guided tours. Tour times: 22.00; 23.00 and 24.00.
    • Liepāja educational institutions also actively support the Museum Night - J. Čakste Liepāja City Secondary SchoolNo.10 will entertain you with its museum club members with their research and the Liepāja School of Music, Art and Design will present the results of the painting symposium at the steel plant “Liepājas Metalurgs”, give a painting performance and the band "Ede" will play music.
    • The Science and Education Innovation Centre (ZIIC)and the creative studio "Attention, Children!" will wake up for the day and offer creative and educational workshops for children.
    • In Karosta, the Family Support Centre "PeaceHarbour" will be waiting for you with creative lantern making and the Liepāja Karosta Water Tower, which is closed every day, will be open for visitors during the "Museum Night". The Karosta and War of Independence Museum in Redan will offer an exhibition and a fire show.

    The Wiktorija Culture House will celebrate Latvia's "Vinyl Day" and the "Lupa" band will perform atthe end of the "Museum Night" after midnight.

    • The Libau Train will run again this year during Museum Night, taking visitors to different venues.

     Please remember, that entry to the museums and participation in the events organised by our partners on 14 May is free of charge.

    More information about the Liepaja "Museum Night" events "Waking Up for Tomorrow" and the event programme is available at: