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    Invitation to Ukrainian food cooking master class25th October, 2022Culture

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    In order to promote the integration of Ukrainians who have fled the horrors of war and are living in Latvia, to give the residents of Liepaja an opportunity to learn about Ukrainian cooking traditions, as well as to strengthen the friendship between local residents and Ukrainians, the Liepaja city municipality in cooperation with the Ukrainians living in Liepaja and Riga is organising a friendship event - Ukrainian cooking master class, to which everyone interested is invited.

    On Saturday, 29 October, from 17:00 to 19:00, a Ukrainian food cooking master class and friendship building event between Liepaja residents and Ukrainians living in Liepaja and Riga will take place at “Liepaja State Technical School”. The event is free of charge.

    “As a city and its people, as part of a responsible society, we need to speak out more about what is happening in Ukraine, giving the topic much more importance, not only in the context of social assistance. A large part of society has fallen a little asleep to the “new and normal” – the brutal war in a neighbouring country. In connection with the fact that “European Capital of Culture 2027” programme also provides for the introduction of cultures of other nations not only through classical culture, such as concerts or theatre performances, but also through national dishes and the exchange of practical knowledge, it seemed important to invite the active Ukrainian women in Riga to visit us and give the Ukrainians living in Liepaja the opportunity to meet new people, learn skills and share experiences. This will also give Ukrainians living in Liepaja a chance to “get away” from their everyday worries,” said Inta Šoriņa, Project Manager of “European Capital of Culture 2027”.

    Since April, the home kitchen “Borscht” (Borščs) has been open in the centre of Riga, where several hard working Ukrainian women invite you to taste borscht and other traditional Ukrainian dishes for a donation. In the last week of October, the Ukrainian women will come to Liepaja from Riga to not only build friendships with the Liepaja residents and Ukrainians living in our city, but also to get to know Latvia better with their families and explore the city of Liepaja.

    With the help of this master class, the aim is to update and provide various activities in the different neighbourhoods, as well as to give the Liepaja residents the opportunity to learn new skills and abilities, thus promoting community involvement in various processes of the city.

    To apply for the master class, please write to the e-mail address: liepaja2027@liepaja.lv or call + 371 22 017 277