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    Letter of Intent between Liepaja, South Kurzeme and Kuldiga to be signed10th November, 2022Culture

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    Today our friendship has been officially confirmed – Liepaja city council has decided to conclude a Letter of Intent with partners of the application programme – the municipalities of South Kurzeme and Kuldiga on joint cooperation for the implementation of the programme.

    The Letter of Intent states that the main objective of European Capital of Culture 2027 is to promote the development of the city and the region in the fields of culture, education, economy, environmental improvement, social areas and public participation through a series of strategically planned events developed in the European Capital of Culture 2027 application, with the following main objectives of cooperation:

    • to foster connections with European partners and gaining experience and developing practical cooperation through implementation of various international projects;
    • to encourage every citizen to participate in the creation, preservation and development of the living environment, and to create a smart, ecological and innovation-driven environment through creating a symbiosis for culture with various, including creative, industries;
    • to develop an industry based on digital innovation and a strong educational base, which will encourage skilled, educated and smart people to stay and return to Liepaja and the region;
    • to preserve and develop the local identity by presenting and promoting the cultural heritage of Liepaja and the region internationally, thus strengthening people’s feeling of belonging to Latvia, Liepaja and the region, as well as to promote civically responsible processes of public engagement.

    The diverse programme of the European Capital of Culture 2027 project in the period 2023 2028 will contribute to the socio-economic growth of the city, attract international attention, promote tourist flows, develop the creative industries sector, etc.