Liepāja 2027 Foundation to be established in early 202310th June, 2022Culture

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    We are very happy and proud that Liepāja has won the title of European Capital of Culture 2027, but there is still a lot of homework ahead of us and we should start the practical process.

    The transition phase from the European Capital of Culture 2027 Bid to the delivery of the programme is now underway - negotiations, discussions, and foundation of the running body. By the end of the year, more administrative and explanatory work will be carried out to make the transition as smooth as possible so that the Foundation can be fully operational in 2023, open calls for vacancies, recruit the core team, start delivering the programme, etc.

    The transition phase includes the securing of the Foundation's set-up process, the follow-up of cooperation with both local and international partners, municipalities, national partners. Monitoring and research activities are also to be launched, with communication and public participation activities to be undertaken.

    The kick-off activities will start in autumn and will continue through 2023 and 2024, while a much wider programme will be implemented towards the 400th anniversary of Liepāja in 2025 and then until the end of 2027.

    The responsible authority for the overall European Capital of Culture 2027 process will continue to be the Culture Board.