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Liepaja Business incubator

LIAA Business Incubators provide support for business start-up and development for individuals and start-ups. 

Pre-incubation (PINK) programme

The pre-incubation (PINK) program is a six-month-long free program for individuals with business ideas. The program is offered in 13 incubators throughout all of Latvia. Within the programs, business idea authors have three tasks:

  1. Find product/market fit
  2. Ascertain the sustainability of the business model
  3. Calculate the necessary financial resources and employee quantity required. Identify where those resources can be found.

During the pre-incubation, the entrepreneurs develop their idea together with the incubator team, experts from a variety of fields, and with the help of other community members. The incubator also offers a coworking space - a place to work on your idea and meet with colleagues and potential partners.

PINK is a safe environment where you can test your technological and business hypotheses as quickly as possible. Read more.

Incubation (INK) programme

Incubation (INK) is meant for those companies that have been in business no longer than three years. During incubation, participants receive a variety of consultations including from mentors that are known within the industry, an opportunity to attend seminars, access to the co-working space and community, as well as financial support. The INK program lasts four years or as long as the participant has attained their development goals.

INK participants are tasked with developing their products/services, as well as increasing their resources and knowledge in order to become competitive in the global market and become an exporting company. During this process, the incubator helps define the company's priorities and come to solutions for problematic situations. Read more

Liepāja Business Incubator companies


Liepāja Business Incubator
Phone: +371 62 401 092
E-mail: liepaja@liaa.gov.lv
Location: Dārza iela 4/8, Liepāja, LV-3401