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Liepaja cultural environment

Liepaja is the culture capital of Latvia – we have rich and mighty cultural traditions, wide and varied modern recreation options, high quality comprehensive culture activity range, artists from all around the world and great opportunities for everyone to participate in creation of Liepaja cultural life.

Constant flow of culture

Liepaja is not afraid of challenges and craziness – the city is a bold trendsetter that does and achieves things that others are only dreaming of. Liepaja has young, creative and determined people who help the city to grow and develop. Culture of Liepaja is constantly changing – new values and ideals rise; young generation grows to introduce the name of Liepaja to the whole wide world and to bring successful and famous artists to us.

A symbol of cultural life

Concert hall “Lielais dzintars” (Great amber) is not only the symbol of Liepaja city cultural life, but a true gem of Latvia and the Baltics. The concert hall has become a new feature on the face of the city and provides every resident and guest of Liepaja with an opportunity to enjoy numerous emotionally profound moments because the world in Liepaja is much closer than elsewhere. On average artists from 60 countries perform in Liepaja per year.


Liepaja has a great foundation for creativity – more than a hundred years old professional theatre – theatre of Liepaja, and the oldest orchestra in the Baltics – Liepaja symphonic orchestra. We have our own secondary school of music and arts, where young talents develop and learn. The city has its own charm, an aura that invites to give-in to wind – to enjoy, feel, create and allow your spirit to soar above the mundane.

Cultural environment of Liepaja is unimaginable without many professional event organizers and venues that enrich cultural life of the city and create new traditions and habits.

On average around 140 cultural events take place in Liepaja every month, which means that everyone will find something to their own liking. More information about cultural events here: kalendars.liepaja.lv