Liepāja welcomes the renowned Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with Elina Garanča1st May, 2022Culture

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    1 from 1“Lielajā dzintarā” izskanējis vērienīgais Berlīnes Filharmonijas orķestra “Eiropas koncerts”

    This weekend in Liepāja, we were treated to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in a grand "European Concert" with our outstanding soloist Elīna Garanča!

    With this concert, the musicians stood up for everyone's independence, and with a tailor-made programme announced freedom and peace to the whole world from the concert hall "Great Amber"!

    Thank you for the exceptional experience!

    The "European Concert" (Europakonzert) was inspired by the reunification of East and West Germany. They are organised as a celebration of the uniting spirit of Europe, celebrating the common heritage and culture of this continent.

    Each "European Concert" takes place in a different European city, in historically remarkable and unusual venues and concert halls representing outstanding cultural achievements. In previous years, the European Concert has been held at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the Palace of Versailles, the Teatro Real in Madrid, the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and many others.

    This year' concert original venue should have been Odessa, but due to the Russian war in Ukraine, it was rescheduled for Liepāja.