Meeting with writers at the Lāčplēsis Garden Festival12th August, 2022Culture

    Uz zili balta fona cilvēka siluets
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    On Saturday, August 13, from 14.00, the 3rd Lāčplēsis Garden Festival with the motto "Good things come in threes" will take place in Karosta.

    During the event, you will have the opportunity to meet the participants of the Maritime Towns Literary Academy.

    Everyone is warmly welcome.

    This year, the Lāčplēsis Garden Festival will take place on August 13, welcoming young and old alike to concerts, workshops, masterclasses, and other activities. Highlights of the Garden Festival will include the Naval Band, Rucava Country Band "Paurupīte", students from Liepāja City 2nd Music School, Liepāja Travelling Puppet Theatre "Maska", musician Edijs Šnipke and "X Factor" participant Tom Simo and his band, as well as jazz singer Kristina Jatautaite from Lithuania. The National Guard will join in with equipment demos, while the Youth Guards will assist them to provide some more entertainment, and street gymnasts will show off their skills. All activities in the Lāčplēsis Garden will be free of charge, while the Atmodas Garden will host a ticketed concert by Fadhilee Itulya from Kenya.

    In the Writers' Tent of the Lāčplēsis Garden, members of the Maritime Towns Literary Academy (PPLA) Gundega Rezevska, Valentīns and Inga Vlasova will creatively engage with readings and various workshops for big and small, such as fairy tale listening and storytelling, song listening and singing along, as well as crafts and debate. There will be an excellent occasion to learn a few words in Ukrainian and learn about Ukrainian folk tales.

    This year's Lāčplēsis Garden Festival is organised by the "Baringtons K2" association and the cultural venue "Atmodas Dārzs". In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy a market, and, for the second time, winners of the title "Karosta Strongman" will be honoured.