New European Bauhaus Seminar on Promoting Cooperation7th June, 2022Culture

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    Today, one of the most beautiful Liepāja Art Nouveau pearls - Liepāja State Gymnasium No.1 - played the venue for the New European Bauhaus initiative seminar on promoting cooperation "Make a wish... Creative venues for learning and growth for a better worldwide future".

    The seminar was dedicated to explaining the role of local authorities in promoting cooperation, developing education and informing local communities - showing different ways of getting involved, from summer schools for children to educational film festivals.

    The seminar covered topics such as:

    • Promoting sustainable development
    • Opportunities for the transformation of the Liepāja Library on the way to the European Capital of Culture
    • Libraries and their role in promoting development education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Film festival as a means of social inclusion.

    The war in Ukraine, the support provided and the experience of local authorities in welcoming Ukrainian citizens, children from Ukraine in formal and non-formal education were also addressed.