Oskars Kalpaks Bridge

The Oskars Kalpaks swing bridge, built in 1906, is one of the oldest metal bridges in Latvia.

The bridge has two identical sides that both pivot, each in its own direction over the Karosta Canal. The bridge is opened to watercraft several times a day as the Karosta Canal has a lot of shipping traffic.

Even though the bridge is built from metal, the surface is covered with wooden boards, giving the bridge its special character and charm.

During the lifespan of the bridge, it has been seriously damaged several times. After its reconstruction in 2006, the Oskars Kalpaks Bridge now functions and connects Karosta to the rest of the city.

Bridge opening hours:

  • 01.00–03.00
  • 05.00–06.30
  • 10.30–12.00
  • 14.30–15.30
  • 19.30–21.00

Oskars Kalpaks Bridge web camera.