Public transport

Liepaja has extensive public transport system. Public transportation is provided by trams, buses and mini-buses on particular routes.

Public transport routes and stops are available on public transportation route and timetable map. On the same map you can follow the movement of public transport in real-time by pressing an icon with a red and blue circle in the upper right corner.

Ticket cost

  • 0.70 EUR – purchased in advance. The purchased ticket is valid for all types of public transport – trams, buses and mini-buses.
  • 1 EUR – purchased from the driver.
  • 6.60 EUR – ten rides for all public transport types, purchased in advance.
  • 2.50 EUR – single day ticket for all public transport types, purchased in advance.
  • Passes for each separate type of public transport, all types of transport, for working days, for every day, and for afternoons are also available.
  • Free of charge tickets (people with 1st and 2nd group disability) are issued by the drivers of all buses, trams and mini-buses.

All information on the public transport in Liepaja – time tables, ticket sales spots, discounts – is available here:

  • Updated:
  • 30th October, 2020