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Public transport

Liepaja has extensive public transport system. Public transportation is provided by trams, buses and mini-buses on particular routes.

Public transport routes and stops are available on public transportation route and timetable map. On the same map you can follow the movement of public transport in real-time by pressing an icon with a red and blue circle in the upper right corner.

Ticket cost

Tickets for specific number of trips

  • Ticket for a single ride purchased in advance - 0,90 EUR
  • Ticket for a single ride purchased from the driver of the vehicle - 1,50 EUR
  • Ticket for ten trips - 8,50 EUR

Long-term tickets

  • One day long-term ticket (valid until 24:00) - 3,00 EUR
  • Three day long-term ticket - 6,00 EUR
  • Five day long-term ticket - 9,00 EUR
  • One month long-term ticket for your daily trips - 30,00 EUR
  • One month long-term ticket for your trips only on business days - 24,00 EUR
  • A long-term ticket valid for three months (one quarter) - 75,00 EUR

All information on the public transport in Liepaja – time tables, ticket sales spots, discounts – is available here: www.liepajastransports.lv.

  • Updated:
  • 2nd January, 2023