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Registration of birth

In time of a month after birth of a child Liepaja city Civil registry must be notified about birth, and documentation for registration must be submitted.

Civil registry registers the child in birth register, grants a personal ID code and issues a birth certificate.

Parents can notify the Civil registry about birth in any department with no restrictions on the declared address of residence.

A newborn child can be registered

  • In person, Civil registry, Liela Str. 1a. Registration of birth is free of charge,
  • In celebration ceremony by prior agreement with Civil registry. Service fee is 15.00 EUR. 

Fact of birth can be registered

  • By one parent, if parents are married,
  • By both parents, if parents are not married,
  • Mother of the child, if the mother is not married and the father declines to claim paternity (paternity is awarded in accordance with the voluntary acceptance of paternity or court decision).

Required documents

  • Personal identification document (passport or ID card),
  • If parents are married, a medical certificate that confirms the fact of birth, and a marriage certificate must be presented,
  • If parents are not married, a medical certificate that confirms the fact of birth, and a mutual application for paternity must be submitted.


Dagmara Bezlepkina
E-mail: dagmara.bezlepkina@liepaja.lv
Civil registry, Liela Str. 1a