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Rest and unrest

Liepāja was always used to be a city of paradoxes and opposites, but even regardless of the residence place, we are all constantly hanging between opposites.

Between rest and unrest, noise and silence, action and inaction, buzz and tranquillity, full speed and full stop, white and black, joy and grief, love and hatred. Living full means being able to maintain a balance between these two counter-positions.

We asked the local residents, or as we say – “liepājnieki” – where and how best to express the Liepāja creative unrest!

Share your feelings and emotions about the origins of your rest and unrest with us! How can you explain them? Paint or vocalize your associations with these two words! Tell us where, when and how you feel rest and peace the most in Liepāja, and where and how – it is the opposite. Let’s get involved, all of us and individually, leave a note at miersnemiers.liepaja.lv.

Rest and unrest of local residents were projected on the wall of the Lielā Street 1 residential house from April 1 to April 3.