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    Students are invited to offer their vision of how cities can become greener27th October, 2022

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    On 10 and 11 November, hackathon “Young Climathon 2022” will take place, where Latvian eco-school students will search for and propose solutions to current climate and environmental problems in urban environments.

    The hackathon is open to Latvian eco-school students over 14 years of age and who care about the environment in which they live.

    At the hackathon, we invite you to offer your solutions on:

    • how to educate young people about green energy through interactive exhibits in museums, science centres and exhibitions;
    • how to get people to switch from private cars to more environmentally friendly vehicles;
    • how to increase public responsibility on climate change and how to help cities become more climate-friendly.

    The authors of the best solutions will receive prizes from the hackathon sponsors.

    To participate in “Young Climathon 2022”, you need to register by 3 November. The organisers are inviting teams of four to six people per school and a support person to register.

    The hackathon will take place online on 10 and 11 November, 9:30-15:00.

    Participants will have the opportunity to work practically with professionals from various fields, develop teamwork skills, define problems and create solutions for them according to a systems thinking approach. These skills will also be useful for young people in their future careers, when dealing with different professional problem situations.

    The hackathon is being held for a second year to raise awareness to climate change and environmental problems among students and young people and to encourage them to think about the future they want to live in, thereby increasing the creation of sustainable services, products and initiatives. The hackathon is an international initiative of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology and knowledge community “EIT Climate-KIC” programme “Young Innovators”.