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Support measures for entrepreneurs

Liepāja Business Incubator

Liepāja Business Incubator is a support programme for young entrepreneurs developed by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), providing both free support and co-financing of 50% of the eligible costs. For more information, please visit Liepāja Business Incubator.

Kurzeme Business Incubator

Kurzeme Business Incubator is a business support centre with 10 years of experience, providing support for business start-up and development in the Liepāja region. It offers a modern, functional, comfortable, safe and representative environment, as well as quality services aimed at business growth, such as accounting and financial consulting; attracting foreign partners; attracting private and public funding.

Coworking Liepāja

Coworking Liepāja is the first co-working office in Liepāja and one of the largest in Latvia. The more than 1000 square metres coworking office is popular among self-employed persons, representatives of small (1-2 people) businesses, as well as employees of various industries located in other cities, who are working distantly – such as programming, graphic design, project management, public relations, business management consulting, etc. Coworking Liepāja offers workplaces, meeting and seminar rooms, a registered legal address office, etc.

Green and Smart Technologies Cluster

The cluster is a cross-sectoral cooperation organisation based in Liepāja, which brings together entrepreneurs, education and research institutions, as well as other organisations.

Businesses in sectors such as clean transport, energy efficient buildings, information and communication technologies and space technologies, renewable resources, all receive vital support in attracting export customers, improving production efficiency and establishing cooperation with Latvian and foreign partners.

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) offers a wide range of services – from information on starting a business, various state support programmes and funding opportunities, to support for entrepreneurs who would like to start exporting and are looking for cooperation partners abroad.


ALTUM is a public development finance institution that provides financing through financial instruments (e.g. loans, guarantees, investments in venture capital funds, etc.) in areas identified by the state as important and to be supported, and where credit institutions do not provide sufficient amount of finance.

ALTUM's public financial instruments are designed for business start-ups, enterprises, farmers and citizens.

  • Updated:
  • 14th February, 2024