Sworn notary, heritage cases

A notary is a state official, who confirms truthfulness of documents or transactions. The notary attests and certifies your transaction for the public. The notaries duties include drafting of notary acts and approvals, reception for holding of money, securities and documents, heritage management.

Heritage cases are managed by a sworn notary who works in an area, which corresponds to the last place of residence of the deceased or, if the last place of residence is unknown, by notary whose practice is located in the area where the heritage or its main part is located.

Notaries in Liepaja

Ancāne Milda
Graudu Str. 50
Phone: (+371) 63 426 062

Novicka Vineta
Zivju Str. 3
Phone: (+371) 63 422 362

Jaunģelže Jevgenija
Pasta Str. 4
Phone: (+371) 63 42 0703

Pelnēna Baiba
Graudu Str. 27/29
Phone: (+371) 63 426 976

Medvedeva Larisa
Pasta Str. 7A
Phone: (+371) 63 423 052

Burbecka Aija
Kuršu Str. 10
Phone: (+371) 63 429 279

More information: www.latvijasnotars.lv