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Take a break from the ordinary

Have you heard that Liepāja is the city of music, wind and the sea? But that’s not all. Every guest will be able to find an activity or opportunity to rest in Liepāja that suits them best – whether it be the beautiful nature, unique tourist attractions, various events or a multitude of entertainment options. No one is going to be bored in Liepāja!

Exciting places to see

The Baltic sea with its spacious beach of white sand, peaceful relaxation, beautiful nature and gorgeous sunsets are only a tiny handful of the many things beckoning visitors from Latvia, Europe and many other countries of the world.

When taking a walk along Liepāja’s small, quaint streets you will discover gorgeous art nouveau and beautiful wooden buildings.

Karosta has a special place in the history as well as the present of Liepāja. It was built at the juncture of the 19th and 20th centuries as a military base for the Russian Empire.

Nowadays, Karosta is a particular – some would say eccentric – part of the city where great contrasts meet. It is a place where the fine architecture from the time of the Tsars coexists with the harsh legacy of the Soviet era. The Northern Forts, the Karosta Prison, the Naval Cathedral and the Northern Breakwater are all must-see places in Karosta. Be ready for surprises!

The cathedrals and churches of Liepāja will surprise every visitor with their centuries of history and luxurious interiors. A noteworthy tourist attraction is the jewel of the Holy Trinity Cathedral – the largest unreconstructed mechanical organ in the world.

Be certain to visit other tourist attractions as well – choose and get to know Liepāja even better!

Events for enjoying culture and entertainment

There is always something to do in Liepāja because the city’s calendar is filled with culture, sports, and entertainment events. No matter the season, every weekend has a wide range of events to choose from.

Liepāja is rich in longstanding cultural traditions. We have the oldest professional theatre in Latvia, the only professional symphony orchestra besides Riga, a puppet theatre, several folklore groups, and yes, virtually countless choirs. Organ music and jazz also play an important part in the cultural scene of Liepāja.

Plays produced in the Liepāja Theatre, as well as Liepāja Symphony Orchestra concerts are widely known throughout Latvia and abroad. Likewise, the concert hall “Great Amber” rewards its visitors with a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. As an alternative, the city guests can also enjoy events at other smaller yet charming cultural sites and exhibition halls in Liepāja.

The culture and art scenes in Liepāja have much to offer even in the months of the year we wish we had more sunlight. On offer are different exhibitions, shows, presentations and concerts, as well as other creative activities.

Check out the calendar of events in Liepāja at kalendars.liepaja.lv and dive right in!

Go on a taste adventure

After enjoying the culture, art and other activities, guests of Liepāja can choose from a wide variety of cafes and restaurants with a cosy ambience that will help weary travellers regain their strength.

If you would like to try a traditional dish of Liepāja, ask for Liepājas Menciņi (Liepāja Cod). It is a dish of smoked cod, potatoes, and onions based on an old recipe from Southern Kurzeme.

For those with a more adventurous spirit who’d rather cook themselves, the perfect place to go grocery shopping is Peter’s Market where in season berries, fruits, vegetables, forest products and various produce straight from farms are always available.

Pick a place where you can enjoy a meal according to your taste and your mood. Be bold and experience some new places!

A wide variety of services

Multiple activities and surprises await the guests of Liepāja. You can experience great emotions on land, in the air, and in the water.

The city is surrounded by a lake and a sea which is why many recreational activities are related to water, such as cable wakeboard, boating, kiteboarding, sailing, and much more. Choose your favourite location – the lake or the sea – and you will be able to find an activity tailored to your wishes.

Various recreational activities can be found not only outdoors, but indoors as well – an adventure game where participants must escape from a locked room, an archery range, shooting ranges for both pneumatic and laser weapons, and spaces for playing novuss and mini golf. Looking for something more unusual such as driving an electric go-kart? That is possible, too, because not only does Liepāja have an electric go-kart track, but go-karts are also manufactured here.

For a more relaxed atmosphere you can go to a live music night at Liepāja’s cafes and restaurants.

To regain your strength, it is definitely worth checking out the largest and most modern spa centre in Kurzeme.

Find your adventurous side and experience new emotions! Explore some other activities as well!

Traditions and an authentic experience

The cultural heritage of Liepāja can be experienced through museums, art galleries, and the Craftsmen Quarters where you can not only see the ancient trades but learn and try them yourself.

The House of Craftsmen brings together local craftsmen of different trades from several parts of the Kurzeme region. They maintain and pass on their skills to the next generation. This is a place to gain real experience.

Get to know Liepāja through the art exhibitions and acquaint yourself with ancient traditions at the House of Craftsmen!

Come to Liepāja! See it, feel it, lose yourself in it and fall in love with it.

For more information: liepaja.travel