The Civic Week will look for ways to better engage the public and strengthen civic society27th June, 2022Paziņojumi

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    From June 27 to July 3, the civic society forum "Civic Week" will take place across Latvia to discuss and seek solutions on how to promote public engagement on issues of importance to society, and how to improve mutual cooperation and trust.

    On 27 June, the first day of the Forum, there will be an opening of the Public Administration Civic Afternoon with stories about mistakes in civic processes, called "Civic Blunders".

    The second day will include networking and cooperation encouragement activities on topics such as working with passive target groups, organising social campaigns and learning from Ukrainians on promoting civic activity.

    On the third day, a live Memorandum session will take place, where solutions for local and national civic participation will be sought, and will invite to an Open Saeima lawmaking workshop.

    On the fourth day, civic competences will be strengthened at national, local and individual level.

    On the fifth and sixth days, the Conversation festival LAMPA will take place, and on the seventh day the public is invited to practice individual participation.

    On 29 and 30 June, as part of the Civic Week, the Latvian Rural Forum will organise the Summer Forum for Rural Communities, which has already become a tradition, inviting active rural communities, smart villages, community development experts and interested stakeholders to participate.

    The organizers of the Forum are the State Chancellery, the Civic Alliance - Latvia, PROVIDUS and the Active Citizens Fund, but the Civic Week is an open initiative so anyone who is interested in an active and strong civic society is invited to register their event by 16 June:īdzdalībā.