The third artist residency at the Karosta Water Tower16th June, 2022Culture

    Mākslinieki Karostas ūdenstornī
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    While a few decades ago Karosta was still a closed military town, today it is gradually transitioning from a "Kara-Osta" (War Port) to a "Rad-Osta" (Creative Port). Military heritage, business sites and artists all share the same space here.

    These are the days of the third artist residency at the Karosta Water Tower. The open artist residences are shared by painters Reinis Liepa and Veronika Frolova, as well as sculptor Egons Peršēvics.

    Throughout the summer, you are welcome to visit the Tower and watch professional artists at work, enjoy the art they create, and get to know the historic Tower itself.

    You can visit the Water Tower free of charge until 31 August on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 13.00–18.00 and Saturdays from 12.00–15.00.

    You can also book a visit at other times by calling the guide on +371 29 930 936.

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