Twin cities

Liepaja is proud to have special friends abroad – twin cities.

Liepaja has signed eleven cooperation contracts in various fields. Together with twin cities Liepaja organizes and participates in experience exchange trips, conferences, concerts, as well as joint projects in fields of health, tourism, education and many more.

Twin cities of Liepaja:

Nynäshamn, Sweden. Since 1990.

Elblag, Poland. Since 1991.

Bellevue, USA. Since 1992.

Darmstadt, Germany. Since 1993.

Guldborgsund, Denmark. Since 1993.

Klaipeda, Lithuania. Since 1997.

Gdynia, Poland. Since 1999.

Gomel, Belarus. Since 1999.

Arstad District in Bergen, Norway. Since 2001.

Palanga, Lithuania. Since 2001.

Helsingborg, Sweden. Since 2005.

In the year 2000, to honour twin cities of Liepaja, coats of arms of every twin city were placed in the very heart of the city – Rose square – and they are still available for visitors to see today.


Nataļja Vecvagare
International Policy Adviser
Phone: (+371) 63 404 789