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Visitors centre

Two Client Service Centres are open at Rožu Street 6 and Peldu Street 5, providing inhabitants with the access to municipal services and information.

Residents can visit the centre to

  • Receive information about the municipality, its structure and institutions, as well as provided services,
  • Submit applications, project proposals, fill-in surveys and questionnaires,
  • Register for visits, receive copies of council decisions, application forms, information materials, provisions of announced project proposal competitions,
  • Read made decisions, planning documentation and public reports,
  • Use public access Internet-point.

Visitor centres

Rožu iela. 6, 1st floor
Liepāja, LV-3401
Phone: +371 63 404 750
E-mail: pasts@liepaja.lv

Peldu iela 5, 1st floor
Liepāja, LV-3401
Tālrunis: +371 63 404 780
E-pasts: pasts@liepaja.lv

Working hours

Monday: 08.30–18.00
Tuesday: 08.30–17.00
Wednesday: 08.30–17.00
Thursday: 08.30–17.00
Friday: 08.30–16.00

  • Updated:
  • 21st February, 2024