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    Information on vaccination17th January, 2022Health

    To help people protect themselves from becoming symptomatic with Covid-19, several locations in Liepāja are offering vaccination against Covid-19.

    Please note that you must bring your passport or ID card with you to the vaccination. Wear clothing that allows easy access to the shoulder where the puncture is to be made. Doctors recommend that you eat and, if possible, rest before the vaccination.

    You can aget the vaccination at the following medical facilities

    • PSIA "Vecliepāja Primary Health Care Centre", Republikas Street 5, phone: +37163422497
    • VCA "Liepāja Medical Centre", Brīvības Street 95, phone: +37167799977
    • SIA "Hiltests" Karosta Health Care Centre, Pulkveža Brieža Street 4, phone: +37163421228
    • SIA "Jaunliepāja Primary Health Centre", Aldaru Street 20/24, phone: +37163423149

    You can get the vaccination at your general practitioner’s office

    All general practitioners who are contracted by the National Health Service and provide publicly funded healthcare services are involved in the Covid-19 vaccination process. GPs vaccinate in their own practices or refer to vaccination clinics in the medical institutions with which the GP practice cooperates. You should ask your GP individually about the possibility of vaccination.

    As a reminder, there are following ways to apply for the Covid-19 vaccine:

    • www.manavakcina.lv,
    • or by calling 8989 (also at weekends),
    • by calling the contact numbers of the healthcare facilities listed,
    • at your GP if the doctor’s office does the Covid-19 vaccination.

    For up-to-date information on Covid-19, please visit website covid19.gov.lv/en

    Further information

    Environment, Health and Public Participation Department
    Liepāja City Municipality Administration
    Phone: +37163404747
    E-mail: veseliba@liepaja.lv