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5. Mixed choir "INTIS"

Liepāja Folk Art and Culture Centre’s mixed choir "INTIS" /The abbreviation from the Latvian – „Iedomāti Nepārspējamā Trokšņa Irracionālā Sintēze” or “The Irrational Synthesis of the Imaginably Unbeatable Noise"/ was founded in 1987 under the direction of conductor Ilze Valce.

During its activity the choir has had fruitful cooperation with the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra.

The members of the choir "INTIS" are school students of Liepāja secondary educational institutions, students of Liepāja University, as well as other residents of Liepāja and its surroundings. The choir's repertoire includes original music and folk music settings by both Latvian and foreign composers. Contemporary and folk music has always had a special place in the choir's repertoire. The choir has always distinguished itself by its artistry and creative approach to many musical projects. Every year in February, the choir invites to a special Valentine's Day concert "Love Songs".


Conductor Ilze Valce
Phone: +371 63 423 505
Mobile phone: +371 26 598 476
E-mail: kulturas.centrs@liepaja.lv